7panel drug test steroids

The 12 panel test and the 10 Panel iCup test for drugs that are not found on any other urine panels we sell. Those two drugs are Methadone and Propoxyphene. Methadone is exclusive to the 12 panel; the 10 panel iCup tests for Propoxyphene as well. Methadone is a popular drug used to help people recover from opiate/opioid addictions; it can also be abused for a high. Propoxyphene is not as familiar to many, but may be more familiar by its brand name Darvon or Darvon-N. It is a prescription opiate painkiller. The FDA has actually withdrawn it from the market due to side effects that can seriously affect the heart.

The difference with these tests is the purpose since both will indicate if one or more prescription or illegal drugs are present in urine. Both are FDA Approved and for the At Home Drug Test Kit the FDA will provide the test an approval of CLIA Waived OTC (over the counter). These tests detect the presence of illicit drugs and the abuse or illegal use of prescription drugs. Most Medical Disposables drug test are CLIA Waived OTC approved by the FDA. Its always important the use of a quick at home drug test kits is done in two steps, if the drug test suggest that the result is positive a sample of the urine testes should be sent to the laboratry for additional testing.

7panel drug test steroids

7 panel drug test steroids


7 panel drug test steroids7 panel drug test steroids7 panel drug test steroids7 panel drug test steroids7 panel drug test steroids