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have you had a chance to listen to the latest investor’s conference by ESPR?
pretty enlightening concerning LDL-c theory… they have put together a great team of PIs. seems that both inflammation and LDL lowering are key to reducing cardiovascular risks. Fourier results not has stellar because trial only 2 years long. Explanation was also provided by experts as to why CETP inhibitors trials failed.
This gives me confidence in ESPR chances of success, considering CVOT trial is 5 years long and for patients with no background of statins (statin intolerant).
Also, it seems that the combination pill will be their go-to drug. Pricing will be in the range of Crestor Lipitor before parents expires. ESPR thinks target population is 12M in US and an additional 12M in Europe.
What do you think they will do now? Partner for Europe and Japan? Remain independent, or sell the company? and when do you think these choices will mature?

Biogen steroids pictures

biogen steroids pictures


biogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids picturesbiogen steroids pictures