Doctors quotes on steroids

11. Doctor to patient: “You’re very sick -- I like that in a patient.”
- (from a cartoon by . Vey)

12. Tell your therapist that you have an addiction to shitty advice, and then ask if you can see them more than once a day.
- Guy Endore-Kaiser

13. After twelve years of therapy, my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said: “No hablo inglés.”
- Ronnie Shakes

14. My health insurance is cheap, but there are trade-offs. When I wanted to get a colonoscopy they sent me a chimney sweep.
- Greg Tamblyn

15. When I was a kid, my doctor gave me candy so I’d have to see the dentist, who gave me small toys to swallow so I’d have to see the doctor. I think they came up with that one on Wednesday at the country club.

You have to become a bit schizophrenic. In one room, you encourage the patient that the slight irregularity in the fetal heart is not important, that she is going to have a fine, healthy baby. Then, in the next room you assure another woman, on whom you just did a saline abortion, that it is a good thing that the heartbeat is already irregular… she has nothing to worry about, she will NOT have a live baby… All of a sudden one noticed that at the time of the saline infusion there was a lot of activity in the uterus. That’s not fluid currents. That’s obviously the fetus being distressed by swallowing the concentrated salt solution and kicking violently and that’s to all intents and purposes, the death trauma… somebody has to do it, and unfortunately we are the executioners in this instance[.] -Dr. Szenes, abortionist

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Doctors quotes on steroids

doctors quotes on steroids


doctors quotes on steroidsdoctors quotes on steroidsdoctors quotes on steroidsdoctors quotes on steroidsdoctors quotes on steroids