Glucocorticosteroids definition

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    Investigation to detect a possible sensitizing effect of Scheriproct or of the active ingredients contained therein has not been carried out. According to relevant data gained from spontaneous reports as well as contained in the literature, it is possible that not only individual ingredients of the formulation base but also the active ingredients themselves are responsible for the allergenic skin reactions which were observed only sporadically after the use of Scheriproct. There is, however, no risk of a sensitizing effect occurring other than in sporadic cases.

    Drugs can be added and removed from this list by WADA annually, although not all of the banned substances are explicitly named. Caroline Hatton, PhD , a sports anti-doping science consultant, told in a Mar. 12, 2010 email that "A key concept in prohibited lists is that they avoid being finite. Instead of listing all banned drugs one by one, they list entire drug classes and name drugs merely as examples. This is to keep users who took designer drugs from claiming that they didn't break the rules because the drugs they took weren't listed."

    Glucocorticosteroids definition

    glucocorticosteroids definition


    glucocorticosteroids definitionglucocorticosteroids definitionglucocorticosteroids definitionglucocorticosteroids definitionglucocorticosteroids definition