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The Tribune said then that "other doctors find what he's doing unethical and potentially dangerous, and federal regulators, who learned about this experiment last week, have warned him that he might have violated the law." One fellow abortion researcher explicitly told the paper he considered what Hausknecht was doing "downright unethical." Even a representative of the Population Council, the non-profit which later created Danco, the company Hausknecht now works for, then called his work "extremely risky" and told the Tribune "I hope his malpractice insurance is paid up."

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The authorities should impose stricter sanctions against violators who are found to be in possession of oral steroids without prescription. Oral steroids when used only for medical purposes are a boon to our society but its abuse and their subsequent effects make it a bane too. Frightening taboos concerning oral steroids should be alleviated from society and more light should be shed on their positive effects. Medical scientists should be encouraged to continue developing these drugs and make them free of side effects in times to come.

Little pink steroid pill

little pink steroid pill


little pink steroid pilllittle pink steroid pilllittle pink steroid pilllittle pink steroid pilllittle pink steroid pill