Needle size for im injection steroids

This updated second edition of the poster is 660 x 297 mm and shows all the needle lengths and guages used by injecting drug users, and has a clear harm reduction message: "use the shortest, thinnest needle you can".

An essential addition to the wall of all needle and syringe programmes this poster will stimulate discussion about needle selection, encourage services to stock a range of needles, and reduce the harm caused by inappropriate needle selection.

Price includes card tube and next day delivery.

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If you are in any doubt about the appropriate use of any needle, or which needles can be used as an alternative, you can find out all you need to know on

There is an article on the anatomy of a syringe on the needles and syringes at the bottom of the needles and syringes product listing page.

All the needles on the poster are available on our website, and, in the 'product briefing' section of all the needles on our site, there is extensive guidance on the uses, risks and alternatives:

  • nevershare (30 gauge needle)
  • yellow (30 gauge needle)
  • grey (27 gauge needle)
  • orange (25 gauge needle)
  • brown (26 gauge needle)
  • blue (23 gauge needle)
  • black (22 gauge needle)
  • green (21 gauge needle) .

NB where we stock more than one length of needle, the link above is to the shortest length available in that gauge.

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Needle size for im injection steroids

needle size for im injection steroids


needle size for im injection steroidsneedle size for im injection steroidsneedle size for im injection steroidsneedle size for im injection steroidsneedle size for im injection steroids