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Between fights you’re free to explore the South Park streets, and in addition to all the gags and easily avoided fights with gangs of roaming enemies, they’re full of mostly simple puzzles that are a matter of pushing a button once you unlock the right friend with the right tool. (Most of these involve things coming out of and/or going into your butt.) They got annoyingly repetitive, though admittedly part of that is my own fault – as soon as I unlocked a new one I’d remember all the places I saw the cue for that ability, such as scanning a pinwheel on a roof to call in the Human Kite to sail you to out-of-reach places, and sought a bunch of them out in succession. Some of them did lead me to interesting, unexpected places. But they’re at their best during sections of the main story missions where you’re using a variety of these abilities in custom-built puzzle sequences, and in those cases it takes some thought and feels more rewarding to solve them.

Clyde tripped over a rock and was sent to the ground. He turned over to see the tall figure of Jason looming over him. "Please don't kill me." He begged. "Please" he tried to get up and run but Jason raised the dagger and brought it down against the boy's fragile skin. The knife sliced through Clyde head and blood was thrown everywhere. The last thing Clyde saw was his girlfriend running away. Jason then took a grappling hook from nearby loaded it and ran off. Clyde died in a sea of blood after words. The girl was panicking now and trying to run from Jason. "Help me" she said. She turned around no one was behind her. She slowed down and continued searching. She turned around and saw Jason there. "HOLY SHIT!" she said. Jason launched the grappling hook at her. The hook made contact with her chest. She was impaled on it in a matter of seconds. Jason then pulled the hook hard and the girl was dragged across where she was screaming. Finally her chest was torn apart and blood was everywhere. Jason looked down at the dead girl. He then looked in the distance. HE walked toward the mountain town of South Park.

West, Kanye Kanye gets upset when he can't understand a simple joke about fish sticks. His huge ego drives him to kill Carlos Mencia, who appears on Conan, claiming credit for the joke (that Jimmy actually wrote), which Conan calls “probably the funniest most awesome joke ever.” Ellen DeGeneres has Cartman and Jimmy on her show to discuss the origin of what she calls the "perfect joke." Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, and Jay Leno all retell the fish joke to much laughter and applause. Tom Snyder conducts a probing interview with Kanye about his love of fish sticks. Kanye finally embraces the joke and believes he is in fact a gay fish. (S13)

South park jimmy takes steroids

south park jimmy takes steroids


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