Testenate 300 steroid

Good lord!
Yes this is all over the place and way, way too much.
Scrap the above.
Given what you said about cardio and your weight I would go for;
Test e @ 600 ew weeks 1-17
Equipoise @ 600 weeks 1-16
Nolva and clomid weeks 19-22
Run hcg twice a week @ 250ui
Pro chem do aromasin. Do 10mg eod if you need to.
I'm doing the same (ish) cycle at the moment apart from I've added anavar @ 75 ed weeks 10 onwards as my cardio isn't top priority.
Anavar and tren kill cardio.
Then take your time off=time on+pct.

Testenate 300 steroid

testenate 300 steroid


testenate 300 steroidtestenate 300 steroid