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The famous identity-swapping tricks played by twins have met their match. Sporting the same DNA, and thus matching physical features, identical twins can get away with duping friends and family. But when it comes to swindling more sophisticated identification tools, such as fingerprint testing , the carbon copies aren't so savvy.  That's because genes don't tell the whole story of the corduroy-like surface adorning our fingertips. Instead, the fine details of ridges, valleys, and swirls that define our fingerprints are influenced by random stresses experienced in the womb. Even a slightly different umbilical cord length changes your paw print. And, so far the crime solvers haven't come across any two identical digits.

I love this! As a Merchant Cadet I get a lot of time ‘at home’, but not much pay so I love hearing of places in UK to have adventures while on shore leave, so thank you for adding to my ever expanding list!
I’m glad to see Coniston gets a look in, as it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but also wee bit upset, that now people will know about it and I’ll have to share! Growing up in Haverigg (tiny village on the Cumbrian coast) I spent a lot of time in my little rubber dingy on Coniston, preferred it much more to the business of Windermere!

The valleys twins steroids

the valleys twins steroids


the valleys twins steroidsthe valleys twins steroidsthe valleys twins steroidsthe valleys twins steroidsthe valleys twins steroids