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I don’t know what ever happened to Lance, but the dude was something special. He could spit some of the most articulate venom I’ve seen, and once you coupled that with sprinkles of humor and added his exceptional recall for historical facts (only trumped by Quintus, in my opinion) — you had an unfuckwithable red pill machine. It’s a shame he could never be convinced into writing for the site. There’s no trace of him to be found here anymore, quite sadly. He’s one of those guys that can’t be imitated or replaced.

Peer partnerships may be best-suited for some goals, and the article makes an effective case for that. But the title is unfortunate. It’s not an either/or thing. Mentoring can have a decisive influence for women especially. In her new book on gender equality in the workplace, Iris Bohnet cites research finding that men tend to be paired with influential mentors who actively advocate for them, while women tend to be paired with less senior mentors who merely advise and coach. (See Iris Bohnet, “What Works: Gender Equality By Design”)

I mean, it is definitely a more Tren appropriate version, but I don't think you need to lower carbs anymore. I would chill at a higher carb/calorie configuration with the lower fat for a while and observe what the decrease in dietary fat does for your fat loss. Don't get me wrong, your updated version is great, but if you were at a deficit in the first version of your diet, then you need to squeeze what you can out of that calorie range (with the fat and carbs adjusted appropriately). Then, start slowly pulling 30-40grams of carbs from your diet each week, and a few grams of protein to further lower calories toward the end of the cut. You shouldn't need to go below 200gram carb to achieve very low single digit bf, perhaps 6-7 %if you incorporate HIIT cardio a couple times a week (yes cardio on Tren omg) .

Trenbolone candy

trenbolone candy


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